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So long since i've blogged i couldn't remember my log in...

Zanzibar to Perth, via Hong Kong.

Hello there
So, it's been a while. Sorry about that. Glossing over the cause, the effect of a slight african mishap has lead to a change of plan which so far has had very exciting consequences! To fill in the blanks...

Helen and I had a FANTASTIC time on the island (and getting to and from the island - possibly the most dramatic bits - as we got a tiny little 9 seater plane over there and a huge choppy, full-of-vomiting-locals ferry back) - we went on a spice tour (seeing cocoa, ginger, cardamom, pineapples, vanilla etc etc and being kitted out with some very stylish jewellry and glasses made out of reeds by the men following us about!), explored the main town - Stone Town - and spent a lot of time on the beach drinking Stoney (ginger beer) and marvelling at the bluest of blue seas.

I went for a dive, Helen picked up a stalker and we were chased around the dancefloor at the full moon party by rather smelly local men and insanely tall men in full tribal gear complete with big stick which contributed truly amazing things to their dancemoves. The memory of a 6' 5" African tribesman dancing to Fat Man Scoop is one i will treasure for many years.

We also revelled in the local food market, eating bowls of potato soup, skewers of fresh tuna and coconut bread for the equivalent of about 2 pounds. Made all the more tasty by the fact they were served to us by our good friend Mr Snake.

Another highlight was visiting a tortoise sanctuary on prison island where the ages of the tortoises was painted on their backs. The eldest was 185 (that's a LOT of time to spend moving very slowly and eating a lot of cabbage...). The guide who took us round demonstrated how the tortoises love to be touched - as he vigorously rubbed up and down their necks, their necks lengthened and they raised themselves further and further up on their legs. NOT a moment for making eye contact.

All in all, a superb holiday!

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Off in a bit

Pub first...


A number of people have asked me if I'm going to do a blog of my adventures in Africa and beyond... I feel sliiiightly hypocritical writing such a thing as i've not been the most devoted reader of other people's travel blogs but i guess it's a bit less intrusive than spamming you with group emails and a bit less time consuming that writing (well, copying and pasting...) the same news into loads of different emails.

So, here I am. Blog at the ready, bags packed, physically ready, mentally...getting there. I'm not sure i'll truly believe it until i'm actually on a boat in the middle of a marine park counting dolphins. Or until some GVI official laughs in my face saying 'you thought you were going to be doing WHAT?!' as they hand me a pair of rubber gloves and point me in the direction of a mud pit.

Time will tell, I guess. In the meantime, please keep me informed with your news! I've had an amazing few weeks saying farewell (some might say to excess but puh. What do they know) and am really going to miss everyone so do keep in touch.

Right. I just need to figure out how to tell people I've written this puppy then i'm off for a pint.

Much love

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